Diane & Geordi 021890 Back Support Bra

By nature, women always want to look attractive and elegant. Looking beautiful always boosts your self-esteem. Diane & Geordi has the best bra for you. This bra gives you the support and comfort you want for your breast.

Ideal for any occasion, you can use the Diane & Geordi Brasier at any time of the day. You won't even notice that you are wearing it. It goes perfectly with a dress during a party, or under a shirt in those long hours at the office.

Our collection is made with the best materials. The purpose of the bra is to provide you with the necessary freshness for your daily routine. Its fabric and shape fit perfectly to your figure.

Diane & Geordi always gives priority to your needs. The design is elegant, with beautiful colors that adapt to your personality. The main goal of our collection is to take you through your life journey.